We always try to reunite mothers and babies!

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About Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC

The owners of Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC, Tyler Lacy and Lynn Williams are mother and son and are wildlife rehabilitators at heart.  They got involved in wildlife rehabilitation in 2001 when they volunteered for three years at Second Chance Widlife Center in Grantville, Georgia. Lynn rehabilitates wildlife in Northern Virginia now. Their love of wildlife has led them to offer a service that respects the wildlife and the customer.

Tyler and Lynn are so interested in wildlife conservation that they have taken two trips to Africa to participate in wildlife conservation efforts there. In South Africa, they worked for two weeks at CROW, a wildlife rehabilitation center that rehabs all wildlife indigenous to South Africa but mostly Baboons and Vervet Monkeys. In Zimbabwe they volunteered for two weeks at a lion conservation project.

At Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC we are a humane wildlife service company; therefore we do not kill the animal. Instead of animal removal, we will humanely evict and exclude the wildlife, proof your home, and disinfect. We are a full-service operations that's been involved in wildlife rehabilitation for 10 years. We are wildlife conservationists and are committed to perserving wildlife.

We adhere to strict safety and health standards. When the worlds of people and wildlife collide, Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC acts as your mediator. We make sure that both the animals are protected and that you and your family are protected. We believe that all creatures have a right to be here, which is why we evict and exclude the animals instead of removing and euthanizing.

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Squirrel Entry Point

We know this is where a squirrel entered because of the insulation on the roof. The squirrels will pull out the insulation and we suspect use it in another den