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Beaver Control in Woodbridge, VA

Have beavers invaded your property? Don't try to set your own traps or tackle the situation on your own. If you want to effectively address your beaver problem, you need a team of true professionals on the job. And at Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC, we're here to help. Our reliable animal control team in Woodbridge, VA can put an end to the disturbance your beavers are causing. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we can provide the beaver control services you need to rid yourself your problem and get peace of mind.

Reliable Animal Control

Our animal control specialists have the skill and expertise to safely eliminate and prevent unwanted beaver intrusions, no matter their source. When you work with us, you'll benefit from our affordable service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

If beavers have become an ongoing problem for your home or business, reach out to the experts at Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC for help. Call us now to schedule your service.

Disclaimer: Given the current humane solutions that we employ, we find that traps are not the most effective means of removal so we do not currently use them.


Squirrel Entry Point

We know this is where a squirrel entered because of the insulation on the roof. The squirrels will pull out the insulation and we suspect use it in another den